Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lace On Cookie by Violet - Royal Icing Cross Stitch Cookie

How to decorate a Red Heart cookie with cross stitch pattern.                     

Cross stitch and lace work cookies are my favorite ones to make. They can never be too boring for me. I like to play around with dots and lines because for me those are easy to do.

I wish I could draw free handed like a pro. I am actually learning to draw and paint and hopefully in the near future I will be able to get my drawing on cookies.

For now, when I have to create a cookie with some animals or special designs, I have to rely on my Pico projector. It has helped me out many times and it definitely save me time from needing to draw out a pattern on a cookie first then fill it in.

Anyway, back to the red hearts. Hearts are my favorite shapes to make and I'm not sure why. I love hearts. The beauty about making hears is that you can use any color icing on them for any occasion, you can draw characters or scenery on them, in other words it's a perfect blank canvas to create whatever your heart desires.

Now let's get to decorating, shall we?

For this cookie you will need:
  1.  - heart shaped sugar cookie 
  2. - red food coloring (I used Wilton) 
  3. - flood consistency icing (not too runny and not too stiff) 
    1.  - white and red 
  4. - piping consistency royal icing in red for the border (I used the flood consistency one since I did not feel up to mixing up another batch.      
  5. - piping consistency royal icing white for the white dots within the lace
  6. - #1 Wilton decorating tip
  7. - #2 Wilton decorating tip for the flooding or use a tipless bag
  8. - piping bag 
  9. - couplers for the decorating tip and bag
  10. - scribe tool or tooth pick
  11. - scissors to cut the bag 
  12. - brush for food purpose only
  13. - smaller heart cutter to mark the center of the bigger cookie or draw it out by hand and lastly
  14. - an awesome attitude with lots of smiles on your face and some loud happy music
  • I did not get to record the beginning of the heart making. What I did is I took the smaller heart and imprinted it into the main cookie. You can also use an edible marker (hopefully red) to draw around the small hearth.  
  • Next, I used some red food coloring and diluted it with some water then I painted the center heart with the red paint. 
  • After it dried I outlined the outside of the smaller heart along the inner part of the bigger heart with the red flood consistency royal icing and used my scribe tool to remove the bubbles and to even out the icing. 
  • Quickly I added white royal icing dots in equal distance from each other and I dragged my scribe tool (or tooth pick) through the center of each dot all the way around or follow the way I did it. This will create the white heart shapes.
  • Next, create the grid of your cross stitch pattern by making horizontal lines parallel to each other and then make your vertical lines parallel to each other.  Try to keep the distance between the lines as even as you can, so you can have a nice grid for your dots. 
  • Now start piping your dots and I will be counting the rows from the bottom up and I'm also going to give you the numbers of dots to fill in for the totally filled in heart)
    • 1 dot in bottom center (leave a few rows clear from the corner of your small heart)
    • 3 dots in the second row (btw, if you are starting your dots left to right in each row, make sure you start with one dot to the left of each dot from the below the line you are working with all the way to the 5th row)
    • 5 dots in the third row
    • 7 in the fourth row
    • 9 in the fifth row
    • 6th row start where the 5th row started fill in 4 dots, skip one, and fill in the next 4
    • 7th row start two dots to the right of your first dot from the 6th row, skip 3 then pipe two more dots.  (watch the video in slow motion if you need more visual help)
  • Now pipe white dots around the inner part of the red heart. 
  • Make your lace edge and once it crusted a few seconds add the dots in the center. 
  • You an add a few more white dots on your cross-stitch grid if you desire. 
Your cookie is now finished. Let it dry overnight or for about 8-10 hrs. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can also follow me on Facebook at

If you have any suggestions or requests for cookie decorating ideas let me know. I'd be happy to create it for your. 

Have an amazing time, decorating your cookies.