Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mother's Day Heart Lace - Cross Stitch Cookies

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Thanks for stopping by. What you'll find here is a short video tutorial for the Heart Lace-Cross Stitch inspired cookies that were made for a Mother's Day cerebration. 

Hungarians like red, hearts, and things that are made by hand. Or at least I do. So, what is a better gift than these Red Heart Cookies?

These cookies are not necessarily for Mother's Day only.  You can give one to your neighbor, to your friend, to a stranger, or to anyone who could use a smile.

A smile is contagious and I love to get it spread the joy with a sweet surprise.

So let's get started.

You will need:
- 3 1/2 inch heart sugar cookies (or your choice of size)
- Red flood consistency Royal Icing
- White piping or medium consistency Royal Icing
- Disposable decorating bags or tipless bags
- Size 1 Wilton decorating tip (optional)
- Scribe tool or toothpick
- Table top fan or regular fan [helps give a shine to the icing (optional)]

Step 1: 

Outline and flood the cookie with red flood consistency royal icing. Use the scribe tool or the toothpick to even out the icing and to remove the bubbles.

Step 2:

(Before laying the lacework, the surface will need to harden/dry enough to prevent the lacework from sinking in and blending with the flooded area.)  In open air, allow the icing to dry ~2-4 hours, or, with the fan blowing directly on them, you can get the process down to about half an hour.

Step 3:

Use white medium consistency royal icing to create a grid on the cookie. First lay 6 lines diagonally across the heart. Then, place lines across them to create a grid.

Step 4:

Use the same white medium consistency royal icing to fill individual squares in the pattern within the grid. Create your own cross-stitch pattern or refer to the diagram below as a guide.

Step 5:

Decorate the edges of the Cross-Stitch grid using the pattern of your choice, (refer to pictures for examples), and finish the edges of the cookies with dots or another style of border.

Step 6:

Let the cookies dry thoroughly overnight.


Now, wrap your creations in cello bags, sealing them with a twist-tie or... for a fancy finish, decorate the bag with a ribbon tied in a bow!

Have fun making these cookies...
And remember: give someone an awesome day. (By the way, I borrowed this saying from Casey Eberhart.)

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