Saturday, July 9, 2016

Birthday Cake Cookie

This was my first attempt at making a Birthday Cake in a cookie
format. I must say, it was fun to make...and it was more fun to watch my friend's surprised face.

It was a last minute gift idea. I thought, and thought hard on what to give my friend. I wanted to give her something special. Something, that was made for her and that no one else has given something like this before.

I remembered my first basket weave cake I made 16 years ago, and that inspired me to make this cookie.

This is my old cake

So, this is how I made it.

I created a template that I used to cut out the cookie. I had to bake two because the first one broke when I took it off the cookie sheet. The candles on the end of the cookie are fragile, so be careful. Make sure the cookie cools off enough before you place it on the cookie cooling rack.

  • You will need Sugar Cookie Dough (click on the link to get the recipe).  Warning: You will end up with about 2-3 dozen super yummy cookies depending on the size of the cookies. 
  • White medium and flood consistency Royal Icing. 
  • Light brown and dark brown medium consistency Royal Icing 
  • Green medium consistency Royal Icing
  • Edible Silver Luster Dust 
  • Lemon Extract or Vodka (Vodka dries faster without diluting the icing on the cookie)
  • Pre-made Royal Icing flowers (can be chocolate, fondant, sugar paste, wafer paper, etc...)
  • Scribe or tooth pick
  • Brush
  • Wilton decorating tip #2 or 3 (depending how thick you want the weaving on the basket to be)
  • Wilton tip # 352 leaf tip
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Edible Ink Marker  
  • Edible color for painting the candles -or use edible markers
Let's get started:

Cut out the cookie using the template (or make your own template) and bake the cookie.

 After it has cooled down, draw the basket outline onto the cookie with an edible marker.


 Using the dark brown icing and a #2 or #3 tip, start the basketweave by piping over the lines you just drew for the sides and bottom of the cake. Next, using the light brown icing and the same size tip just used, pipe a series of small horizontal lines extending from the dark brown line to the right, spacing them a tip-width apart. Pipe each light brown line a little longer than a tip-width. Return to the dark brown icing, and pipe a vertical line so it covers the ends of the light brown lines you just piped. Return to the light brown icing, and pipe another series of horizontal lines tucked between the first and extending over the dark brown line you just piped. Continue piping vertical dark brown lines and horizontal light brown lines (offset to the previous set) until you've filled the entire side of the cake with basketweave.

Fill in the top of the cake and the stand with white flood consistency icing.

After it dried for about 20 min pipe a twisted or S shape edge on the top part of the basket.

Next pipe the candles with white icing

Attache some pre-made royal icing flowers to the top of the cake and add some leaves with the leaf tip and green icing.

Outline the cake stand with white medium consistency icing and add some designs to the bottom of the stand.

After the candles have dried enough, about 20 min with the fan blowing on it, paint the candles in the colors of your choice.

Pipe a doily on the cake stand around the cake.

Mix some Luster Dust with lemon extract or Vodka and paint the outlines and details of the stand.

Below is the template for you to use. Left click on the picture, then right click to save the image.
Birthday Cake Cookie Template

Here is the How to video of this cookie.

Have fun making this cookie and watch someone's surprise on their face.

Thanks for following.