Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jack o lantern cookie

Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

Hi, welcome to my page.  

Here is an easy Jack-O-Lanter cookie tutorial.  Even though it looks complicated, I assure you it is not. 
First thing you have to make sure your cookie is smooth on the surface....because a rough surface makes cookie decorating difficult. After all, we want easy. 

So, what do you need in order to create these cookies? Well, you will need:

- Your choice of sugar cookies baked in pumpkin shapes (which requires either a pumpkin cookie cutter or a template to cut it out by hand - which is fine if you are only doing a couple)
- Flood or piping consistency Royal icing (I like to use the same consistency through out the process) 
- Edible marker (I used Wilton brand)
- Edible food coloring Orange, Black, and Green (I used Wilton brand...and you can use any colors you'd like)
- Scribe tool or tooth pick 
- Piping bag (most of the times I use sandwich bags with no tip)
- Paper towels, some water in a cup to clean the tip or your scribe tool
                                  and lastly you will need:
                 - Some fun music playing in the background. 

If I forgot something from this list, please leave a comment below. 
Hope you enjoy this easy tutorial.  Check out the Mummy Cookie tutorial as's all made with Royal Icing, no fondant needed.

Post your picture either on my cookie page Violet's Creations  or in comment section below of this blog.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Have a AWESOME Day!

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